Pool Repair

Pool Repair

As every pool owner knows, when it comes to pool ownership, the occasional pool repair is to be expected. By working with the trusted pool professionals at Pacific Pool & Spa, you can rest assured that your pool issue will be properly diagnosed and repaired according to the highest standards of quality and service. 

Our Pool Repair Services

Whether you’re in need of structural pool repairs, pool equipment repairs, vinyl liner repair, or something else, our technicians are highly trained and qualified to handle your pool repair needs. During an onsite consultation, we’ll troubleshoot your issue and make our professional recommendation for what to expect next. If possible, we’ll fix your problem on the spot so you can get back to enjoying your pool. For more complex issues, we’ll create a repair plan that suits your schedule. 

Labor charges for repairs or installations are $175.00 per hour with a minimum charge of one hour. Billing for pool service is done on the first day of the month and is due in 10 days. Customers paying for pool service, 6 months in advance will receive a 5% discount on services performed, or customers prepaying a year in advance will receive a 10% discount on services performed.

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