Customer Stories

Pacific Pool & Spa takes pride in providing superior customer service in all we do, whether we’re designing and constructing a custom pool and spa, renovating or remodeling an existing pool and spa, or providing weekly maintenance and repair services. We value our customers and appreciate hearing from you. Please take a few minutes to read through our customer reviews to see what some of our clients have had to say about their experience with us!

Pacific Pools & Spas and the entire cre and process improved my quality of life. Clifton's insight and trained eye along with his patient attitude made me understand and appreciate his experience. My Bali Ledge, my new wall, my new driveway and the one touch spa via remote control are fantastic. My house is the only house that does not flood on my street with heavy rainfall. Job well done. Thank you all very much!

James I.

Honolulu, HI

Thank you for such a great construction experience. Boom, Busler, Vince, Sheldon, and the rest of the crew were a lot of fun and always professional. The pool beautiful. All of the craftsman involved did a wonderful job. 

Amy & Sean B.

Kailua, HI

I would and have recommended your company to our neighbors and they are all very impressed with the work you have done at DHA!

Diamond Head Apartments

Honolulu, HI

Every worker on this job was amazing! Cliftons team of guys was awesome and 5 star service - much Mahalo for building our dream pool!

John & Jayme N.

Kailua, HI

The crews came in and did their jobs. They kept us informed, asked if we had questions, and would address our concerts. Clifton was a hands-on manager and a thorough supervisor. 

Lonnie & Eleanor B.

Kailua, HI

Thank you for the promptness of the work and for completing the work before the rainy season. Workers were very kind and moved the truck when we needed to go out. 

Dorthy M.

Honolulu, HI